Austin Eddy: Wooden Mushroom Garden
February 9th - March 16th, 2019

Wooden Mushroom Garden

Resort is pleased to present two solo exhibition, Splutter, new works by Jack Coyle and Austin Eddy’s Wooden Mushroom Garden. Both artists present painting, drawing and sculpture.  In Coyle’s work, each medium and motif blends, defined only by the choice of traditional presentation - framed drawings, paintings on panel or bracing, and sculptures on pedestals.  Eddy approaches his series with limitations in place, forms, palette and scale predertmined, the variation created within them. The layering in Coyle’s pieces reflect an interest in unintentional, communal mark-making, layering of posters, graffiti and signage in unclaimed urban space.  Eddy’s pieces with their nods toward utility seem to reference the compression of time and trend present in thrift and second hand stores. In both Coyle and Eddy’s work, there is a nebulous nostalgia, slippery and hard to locate while still remaining familiar.

Austin Eddy earned a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. Exhibiting internationally, his solo shows since 2012 include Launch F-18 Gallery, New York, New York; Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Christian Berst, New York, New York; Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark; The Horticultural Society, New York, New York; the University of Kentucky Hospital, Lexington, Kentucky; Important Projects, Oakland, California; Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas, and most recently, SoCo Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina. He has participated in group shows, including The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Museum Of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Georgia; The New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire; Adams And Ollman, Portland, Oregon; Coburn Projects, London, United Kindgom; Brand New Gallery; Milan, Italy; Galleri Thomassen, Goteborg, Sweden; Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark; as well as a two-person exhibition at Denny Gallery in New York, New York.