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Beki Basch: An Unfaithable Shake
This site-specific installation draws opposite parallels between the expansive, pristine landscape of Iceland and Baltimore City.  This seemingly incongruous comparison is a central and ongoing theme in Basch’s work.  In her nearly monochromatic window display, a totem of ice blue appliances, gathered from their place of function, imply a collective hum; a combined current that emits as a chorus - a religious-like chant.  These omnipresent pulses and whispers stretch from our synthetic environments, to the places we think of as natural. 

Bekí Basch  (b. 1987 New Jersey) creates work which addresses the deep value of interconnectivity. Through the appropriation of cultural material of the past and present, she connects the esoteric with ordinary, the sacred with profane— to illuminate constellations which underlie, motivate, and determine value within personal and universal narratives. Her work as been shown in the Baltimore/DC area and nationally including Locust Projects (Miami, FL) and internationally including site specific and gallery exhibitions in Iceland.