Jack Coyle: Splutter
February 9th - March 16th, 2019


Resort is pleased to present two solo exhibition, Splutter, new works by Jack Coyle and Austin Eddy’s Wooden Mushroom Garden. Both artists present painting, drawing and sculpture.  In Coyle’s work, each medium and motif blends, defined only by the choice of traditional presentation - framed drawings, paintings on panel or bracing, and sculptures on pedestals.  Eddy approaches his series with limitations in place, forms, palette and scale predertmined, the variation created within them. The layering in Coyle’s pieces reflect an interest in unintentional, communal mark-making, layering of posters, graffiti and signage in unclaimed urban space.  Eddy’s pieces with their nods toward utility seem to reference the compression of time and trend present in thrift and second hand stores. In both Coyle and Eddy’s work, there is a nebulous nostalgia, slippery and hard to locate while still remaining familiar.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jack Coyle is a painting and sculpture artist, who received his undergraduate degree at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018. Before attending MICA, Jack worked on freelance projects, completing several large scale murals and exhibited work in a few different shows including one at Nashville’s Frist Museum. He also studied painting as a part of a program at the Accademia Europea di Firenze in Florence, Italy in 2013 and later returned to Italy in the summer of 2017, studying at the ICA in Monte Castello di Vibio. In June of 2016, Jack worked alongside Colombian contemporary artist, Santiago Montoya, at his studio in Miami, where the two began a new project involving typography and the US bank note.The following summer, he attended the Yale Norfolk Fellowship program alongside 25 other young artists for a six week long studio intensive program. Most recently, Jack spent a month in Berlin as a resident of the Institut Fur Alles Moglich program, concluding with an exhibition of the work he made while there.